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How to Steal Your Competitors Featured Snippets on Google
January 18, 2020 09:45 AM PST
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✓ Identify the ones they have with Semrush or Ahrefs
✓ Use the format they have - list, 40-60 word paragraph, table,
✓ Match the structure, use “inspect element” in the browser to see if they are using any special formatting or schema markup
✓ Add in synonyms and bold the keyword phrase
✓ Ask the question with and h2 or and h3, and answer it underneath with 40-60 words
✓ Use authoritative / confident language
✓ Cite credible websites in your content
✓ Look at the “people also ask box” and answer those questions in your content as well.
✓ Pay special attention to the space directly after the content that you want to get featured. Add images there that relate to your table, list, or paragraph.

How to Get Found For More "Near Me" Searches
January 12, 2020 02:41 PM PST
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✓GMB checklist
✓At least 5 reviews and respond to every single one
✓Information consistency
✓Make sure everything is visible
✓Schema to feature events in serps
✓Make your site mobile friendly
✓Geographic anchor text
✓City Landing pages

7 Quick Ways to Find Topics For Your Blog & Videos
January 05, 2020 02:34 PM PST
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I run through each with an example – based on the topic 'kitchen remodeling' - but you can try it for yourself on whatever topic you'd like!

✓ Suggested Searches in drop down when searching on Google
✓ People Also Ask Boxes on Google
✓ Quora - search the topic
✓ Answer The Public - https://answerthepublic.com
✓ SEMRush
✓ Ahrefs.com and pop in a competitor into site explorer / the first result after searching a hunch
✓ Google Keyword Planner - Add the topic + the site

8 Lead Generation Experts Share Their #1 Strategy for 2020
December 29, 2019 01:39 PM PST
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Matt Diggity - Indepth articles + remarking
Brian Dean - Push on your current email list
Britney Miller- Repurpose top content
Larry Kim - chatbots
Will Reynolds - It’s all about good work
Tim Soulo - Educational content / youtube
John Lincoln - Content + paid promotion
Matthew Woodward - Competitions / Giveaways

Full Post: https://hookagency.com/get-more-leads-now/

Video: #1 Place to Spend Marketing $ in 2020 (w Eric Johnson of YouBetcha)
December 19, 2019 06:15 PM PST
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Eric Johnson of YouBetcha joins me to give his best tips on video marketing for 2020, and how to get the most out of video.
✓ How to use video in sales
✓ How to use video in employee onboarding
✓ How long should a brand video be?
✓ How long should your content marketing be?

10 Easy Ways to Make Your Website Easier to Use
December 14, 2019 03:39 PM PST
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Pure Practical episode (quick episode/ just the meat & potatoes)
✓ Text to image ratio – Ensure you’re not hitting them with wall-of-text
✓ Content legibility – 800 px across, 19 pt font, line-height to space out text vertically.
✓ Adding bullet points and headings to key pages
✓ Page speed - Optimize your site to load 2 seconds or less - Gzip in htacess.
✓ Amplify a few important call-to-actions, play the others down.. user testing example: stop asking me if I have any questions.
✓ Swap out your stock images for your own in commonly accessed places on your site, don’t put text in images.
✓ Make sure your header and footer, - your main navigation systems on the site are consistent and provide an easy route to next steps.
✓ Consider a prominent search feature
✓ TLDR up at the top of articles… bigger first sentence, and author information. (E-A-T and how that effects search)
✓ Trust and familiarity. This is where testimonials, badges and other trust factors are important. But also consider making sure that your site feels familiar with the concept of ‘prototypicality’ - don’t make it different just to make it different. How can you make your site feel a little bit more like something they’ve seen before and know how to interact with.

Getting The Most out of PPC (Marc Levesque, Webrunner Media)
December 07, 2019 01:36 PM PST
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✓Making sense of PPC & how to avoid common pitfalls
✓ Making sense of budgets and what to expect in terms of results
✓ Pros & cons of doing it yourself vs. outsourcing
Facebook PPC
✓ How to capitalize on PPC leads
✓ Lighting fast responses (speed)
✓ Outgoing demeanor (friendly, helpful)
✓ Mastering the follow-up (frequency, communication channels)
✓ Buying Leads vs. Generating Your Own
✓ Lead aggregators
✓ The fastest way to increase revenues (hint: it isn't more leads)
✓ How the most successful companies are dominating your market
✓ Referrals are unbeatable

5 Important Keys for SEO in 2020 (Nick Leroy, #SEOForLunch)
November 29, 2019 07:49 PM PST
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Nick Leroy of ICF Next Shares his top 5 keys for SEO in 2020.
✓ Google My Business listings (local SEO)
✓ Proper keyword research. Localized and extremely targeted keywords.
✓ On page optimization - titles, descriptions, headers, content optimization etc.
✓ Mobile friendly (Google's mobile first indexing)
✓ Site speed - faster is better, for both user experience and google (SEO) benefits

What Does an SEO Company Do? In Simple Terms
November 23, 2019 09:12 AM PST
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✓ What does an SEO company do?
✓ What is technical SEO?
✓ What is on-page SEO?
✓ What is content writing, and why is it important to SEO?
✓ What are backlinks and why are they important?
✓ What does "montitoring analytics" and why is it important?
✓ When do you need an SEO Company?

Get a free SEO audit: https://hookagency.com/seo/

Success Formula for Contractors - (Tony Booth, ContractingCoach.com)
November 16, 2019 09:50 AM PST
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✓Put the right people, with the right tools, on the right projects, for the right clients.
✓Right People- Build a team that has the knowledge and expertise to deliver
✓Make sure they know what’s expected of them
✓Right Tools- The systems and tools to perform their job
✓The support they need
✓Right Projects- Not every job is right for you - do projects that fit
✓Project type, scope, size, schedule, requirements - stay in your lane
✓Right Clients- Clients that work with you for your unique services - not low price
✓Clients that are willing to pay for services provided

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