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Getting The Most out of PPC (Marc Levesque, Webrunner Media)
December 07, 2019 01:36 PM PST
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✓Making sense of PPC & how to avoid common pitfalls
✓ Making sense of budgets and what to expect in terms of results
✓ Pros & cons of doing it yourself vs. outsourcing
Facebook PPC
✓ How to capitalize on PPC leads
✓ Lighting fast responses (speed)
✓ Outgoing demeanor (friendly, helpful)
✓ Mastering the follow-up (frequency, communication channels)
✓ Buying Leads vs. Generating Your Own
✓ Lead aggregators
✓ The fastest way to increase revenues (hint: it isn't more leads)
✓ How the most successful companies are dominating your market
✓ Referrals are unbeatable

5 Important Keys for SEO in 2020 (Nick Leroy, #SEOForLunch)
November 29, 2019 07:49 PM PST
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Nick Leroy of ICF Next Shares his top 5 keys for SEO in 2020.
✓ Google My Business listings (local SEO)
✓ Proper keyword research. Localized and extremely targeted keywords.
✓ On page optimization - titles, descriptions, headers, content optimization etc.
✓ Mobile friendly (Google's mobile first indexing)
✓ Site speed - faster is better, for both user experience and google (SEO) benefits

What Does an SEO Company Do? In Simple Terms
November 23, 2019 09:12 AM PST
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✓ What does an SEO company do?
✓ What is technical SEO?
✓ What is on-page SEO?
✓ What is content writing, and why is it important to SEO?
✓ What are backlinks and why are they important?
✓ What does "montitoring analytics" and why is it important?
✓ When do you need an SEO Company?

Get a free SEO audit: https://hookagency.com/seo/

Success Formula for Contractors - (Tony Booth, ContractingCoach.com)
November 16, 2019 09:50 AM PST
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✓Put the right people, with the right tools, on the right projects, for the right clients.
✓Right People- Build a team that has the knowledge and expertise to deliver
✓Make sure they know what’s expected of them
✓Right Tools- The systems and tools to perform their job
✓The support they need
✓Right Projects- Not every job is right for you - do projects that fit
✓Project type, scope, size, schedule, requirements - stay in your lane
✓Right Clients- Clients that work with you for your unique services - not low price
✓Clients that are willing to pay for services provided

Getting Comfortable on Video + Combining Video With Events
November 08, 2019 11:36 AM PST
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✓ What are some of your best tips for getting comfortable on camera?
✓ How do you help people get comfortable on camera?
✓ How does video make events more impactful?
✓ How does video help event attendees get more out of the event?
✓ What is an event recap?
✓ What are your suggestions for pre / post event videos?

Pure Practical: Best Length for Blogs, Quick Keys to Blogging
November 02, 2019 03:19 PM PDT
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✓ 2,450 Words is the best blog length - just based on pure data
✓ Links matter more than content length
✓ Keywords in subheadings matter
✓ Making sure you have a target for your blogs.
✓ Make it FEEL shorter with bullet points, images at the beginning, and scannable headlines
✓ We go through the diagram of an ideal blog posts.

Communicating Green Sustainability in Marketing
October 25, 2019 01:23 PM PDT
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✓Why is green / sustainable building taking off - where are we at in the cycle/ timeline?
✓Don't be a one trick pony - focus on more than just sustainability
✓ How should you use this in your website design and copy?
✓ Are people searching for this on Google?
✓ What are some orgs / badges you can be part of and get?
✓ What's the future of marketing for green and sustainable construction companies / brands?

Why Pretty Websites Aren't Effective + 2020 Website Trends
October 19, 2019 11:53 AM PDT
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✓ Make your website "prototypical so people know where stuff is"
✓ Old-school ad agencies and 'pretty website' companies building stuff on squarespace don't know how to make websites that get serious leads.
✓ Trust Factors and Call-to-actions are crucial
✓ 2020 Trends include blob shape cutouts, offset images, layering, big typography and more.
✓ Look for teammates and agencies that focus on effective over just attractive.
✓ Design does matter though – some people will take it as a 'trust factor' that the business is legitimate.

SEO Tips to Save You Time (For Small Business + Construction)
October 12, 2019 09:25 AM PDT
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✓ Use video + then get the video transcribed/written out for you.
✓ Batch your most important Google-visibility tasks in a 3-hour clump on Saturday
✓ Turn your team into a content machine, particularly in slow times
✓Steal keywords from your competitor's and look at bigger markets for clues
✓ Hire an agency that does all of the work for you.

Free Construction Leads: How to Get Home Improvement Leads
October 05, 2019 06:29 PM PDT
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✓ Tapping into your best referral sources
✓ NextDoor app is ripe with free leads - People are asking for referrals
✓ Facebook groups for your city or area, set up with another business owner and refer each other every time
✓ Write ‘high intent’ blog posts. Write about kitchens, baths, and pair it with your area
✓ Set up your systems.
✓ Make them habits
✓ Build your brand and your systems even when leads are good

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